A Bit of Reality

I was in Arizona recently visiting family and I had a conversation with someone I thought I would share (with his permission of course.)

My brothers roommate is a tattoo artist at a local shop. As he was leaving work with some tattoo equipment he was approached by three gnarly youths looking for whatever they could get from him. An argument followed which quickly escalated into a 3-on-1 fight. One of the assailants pulled a knife and took a swing catching my brothers roommate on the forearm. The thugs then grabbed his tattoo equipment and ran. EMS was called and he was taken to the E.R. where he received stitches. The assailants were not caught.

Fortunately for my brothers friend, the damage was not more serious. It would seem that the knife was merely used as a tool for intimidation and distraction rather than for a murder. 3-on-1 are not good odds, especially when there is a weapon involved. As is most often the case, the blade was felt before it was seen.

Some other interesting facts:He did NOT go into shock (a common claim by some “knife fighting experts”). He also retained full function of his hand/fingers despite the textbook “defanging” cut.

On a side note; He had another tattoo kit at home which is good as he was halfway through a large tattoo on my brothers back.

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