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Little Monkeys
The Little Monkeys program is a course developed specifically for 5 through 12 Year old children.

Within this program, each child will experience training that targets specific skills that they are already developing; skills such as:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Behavior
  • Development
  • Character

    Each of these skills have been further refined into age-specific exercises, games, activities and drills that compliment their particular stage of development.

    With this specialized program we bring along each child through an age-specific program, designed to teach that child important life skills in a fun and exciting way. Disguised as fun games with kicking and punching, each of these drills,     games and games develop life skills like:

    • Focus
    • Memory
    • Teamwork
    • Discipline

    • Self-Control
    • Fitness
    • Balance
    • Coordination

    Martial arts training, extends way beyond kicking and punching.  That’s why it may appear that your child is not learning enough martial arts in class, but the fact is they really are. The customary discipline protocol is martial arts.                     This includes standing at attention when commanded, responding with respect by saying “yes sir” and “yes ma’am”, bowing to the instructors and each other, and maintaining a positive attitude. With professional Martial Artists as                      the role-model instructors, and the mixture of fun games and activities with basic kicks, strikes, and blocks during class, your child’s first exposure to martial arts training will generate results!

    In addition to learning how to kick and punch, our Little Monkeys™ program reinforces important concepts such as good manners, respect for one’s self and others, following directions the first time, and more.  The Little Monkeys™       Program also serves as a fantastic prep course for our innovative Monkey Kidz™ Program.  Stop in to see why our Little Monkeys™ program is growing so quickly, but hurry, there are limited spaces available!