Instructor Training Program

I am excited to announce that, due to numerous requests, Centerline Gym will now be offering an Instructor Training Course for those interested in integrating the Red Zone knife defense system into their curriculum. This two level program will enable school owners to legally and ethically teach this system.

In the three years since it’s official inception, the Red Zone has gained a lot of attention as one of the most efficient, effective, and realistic knife defense programs available. Copies of the instructional DVDs have shipped worldwide and have been taught to civilians, military, and law enforcement agencies. The feedback has been terrific.

The Red Zone program is a modular program, which means it can be integrated into an instructor’s current curriculum or taught as a stand-alone class. Everyone, regardless of his or her chosen style is invited to attend. We care more about the safety of you, your students and loved ones more than any martial arts politics.

Instructors will receive many benefits including: Use of the Red Zone name, training tips and teaching curriculum, promotion and listing on our website, training discounts, and much more.

For more details on our Red Zone Instructor Course as well as the next training date please email: e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

CAVEAT EMPTOR This instructor training program was developed to maintain quality that the Red Zone program has become known for and to protect the integrity of the system. Unfortunately, as with many good ideas, there will be those who attempt to imitate. There are instructors out there who attempt to teach the program without having any training in it. This is not only unethical, but considering the topic it is to say the least, dangerous. Too put it simply; they’re teaching it wrong! Without a proper understanding of the concepts and techniques, instructors may be leading their students to disaster.
Professional Endorsements

Following our intensive training at Jerry’s gym I honestly believe the Red Zone method is a well structured programme that allows an individual to have a good combination of not only tangible methods, but also that of a conceptual approach to dealing with a knife wielding aggressor.

What really stood out for me was Jerry’s no nonsense approach to self preservation training on the whole, its unfortunate nowadays that so many other instructors out there profess and illustrate methods/techniques that not only fail under high pressure drills/scenarios but would more than likely get people killed when employing such methods.

I tell you what, even in training one cannot describe the feelings that go through ones mind when you have a training partner coming at you in an all out aggressive manner trying to pump a training knife into you. Let me tell you this, its scary stuff, even if it is in a training environment. It definitely shows you how serious and life threatening such a situation would really be.

Furthermore apart from actually getting into altercations on the street I believe that self-validation through pressurised training is the best way to determine whether a particular approach is functional or not. Jerry encourages just this, which is so refreshing to see, since many instructors profess such and such technique is good since they have learnt it from a particular instructor of a particular lineage. He like myself does not subscribe to any BS school of thought, rather Jerry encourages testing all assumptions you may have, therefore one needs to test everything to see if it holds any validity for the real world.

I am thankful to Jerry for illustrating how cold and calculating certain individuals could be, but now it also allows me to be just that much more aware and if need be take the relevant measures to ensure my personal safety

Many Thanks Jerry and I look forward to meeting up and training with you again very soon.

Mark Ganaden
London, United Kingdom

” Centerline Gym teaches a practical and simplified approach to personal awareness and self-protection through the understanding and application of realistic scenario-based training. I would highly recommend this type of training to anyone who is truly interested in what really works during the stages of a violent encounter as opposed to what works in theory or in the controlled environment of a dojo.”

-Gary Endo, Caique Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

Red Zone Instructors Worldwide

Cliff Byerly

Cliff has been a Marine for over 20 years (12 active duty) most of that time was with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion.  In 1996, Cliff joined the LAPD and has worked various assignments from patrol to narcotics.  Below is a list of some his qualifications.

* Certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor
* Certified Red Zone weapons defense instructor (Level 1)
* S.P.E.A.R. Coach
* Military Combat Instructor
* Military Marksmanship Instructor
* HRST Master

Cliff is also a level 1 Cross Fit Instructor
vikingcombatives@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Matt Wilson

Ranked Bronze Glove in the CMDP
Assistant Instructor at Centerline Gym

Nathan Wagar

Contact Nate at

Phil Eckman

Mark Ganaden

Debbie Stephen

Rogelio Avelino

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"Centerline Gym had helped me in so many ways. Physically is one... Mental is another. Primarily it had stored in the confidence and the direction to want to do more. At first, I had joined centerline to lose weight, I had lost the weight and then just kept going.

Now, I am in the process of competing soon for both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and possibly kick-boxing. I have been to a few gyms before and didn't really like the atmosphere nor the trainers. Centerlin had really reached out to me as much as I had for them. I can honestly say the CLG did wonders for me and brought the peace of mind that I have long looked for.

P.S. I have lost a total of 75 pounds in a span of 8 months of training."

- Ivan Lopez Whittier, California