1. Elevated Confidence: resulting in less bullying

Physical and Emotional Bullying has become a serious concern for parents and children. Children who possess confidence in themselves and how to handle situations are less likely to become targets. In our After School Program we equip students with both the words and actions to appropriately handle a bullying situation. This confidence decreases susceptibility to bullying and provides them with an effective way to cope if it does occur.

2. Improved Physical and Mental Health

Parents of the children we coach tell us that no activity engages the mind and body the way our martial arts training program does. Centerline uses martial arts to develop physical competency and mental acuity. We get students in great shape while simultaneously developing mental discipline, self-control, and perseverance to set and achieve goals. Our instructors work alongside parents, teachers, and students to bring out the best in students by honing the mind and toning
the body.

3. More engaged students: improving academic performance

Centerline understands and values the importance of physical activity and its impact on cognitive skills and academic attitude. Having an effective physical outlet that simultaneously promotes attentiveness increases our students’ focus on tasks at hand. Our program fosters renewed attitudes in students – resulting in enhanced concentration and improved behavior in a classroom.

4. Teacher Support: fostering a productive classroom environment

Centerline incorporates a system for communication with teachers so that we can help support their efforts in the classroom. Part of student performance in our program is directly measured by improved academic performance, leadership, and behavior in the classroom. It is our goal to partner with schools to create a respectful atmosphere between all individuals. Our training teaches self-control over body and mind of our students resulting in better decision making.

5. Improved Citizenship

Centerline trains students in what we call Life Performance, which is learning to apply the tenets of Courtesy, Attentiveness, Self-Control, and Honor at home, school, and in our martial arts class. Life Performance training involves learning to use kind words with others to resolve conflict, maintaining control over words and actions when angry or upset, and listening and obeying parents and teachers the first time they are asked to do something.

What Parents Say

An overwhelming majority of Centerline parents surveyed, report improvements in: overall confidence, ability to focus, self control, academic performance, and physical health/fitness.

What makes Centerline Different from other martial arts schools?

Centerline combines the best of the martial arts world: life performance element, the most functional martial arts system available for self-defense, and relevant and effective fitness training. Best of all, we train in a fun, positive and safe environment. Our staff is trained not only in how to effectively teach in martial arts, but also how to positively encourage and coach children to see life-changing results. We’re here to serve our community and partner with local schools to make a lasting difference in the lives of families.